Accessing your Online Course

Google Classroom

You will begin your online classes at your regularly scheduled time. Please see the following instructions below on how to access your online course: 

You will need to use a gmail account to log into Google Classroom. If you do not have a gmail account, you will need to create one!

  1. Log in to your gmail account
  2. Please click on the link here:
  3. On the top right hand corner there is a “+” sign. Click on it and enter your classroom code to join your class. Your classroom code is emailed to you, so please check your email.

Below is an example of a classroom board.  Any announcements will be made by your instructor on the classroom board called “Stream.” We ask that you familiarize yourself with the platform on the first day. The link to your online lecture will be posted on the stream.


Your instructor will be online and will post a link to join the live session on Google Classroom. You will be using a platform called Discord to join the live lecture.

    1. For best performance we recommend using a Windows Computer/Laptop and to download the application here:
    2. Register a new account and for your username PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME, so that we know who is attending. If you do not put your name, we cannot ensure that you were present during class time. This platform will also show who is “away” from their computer, so please remain active during the session. Your instructor will provide a prompt that you will have to answer during class time in order to receive participation credit. Your online sign in code will be given to you . 
    3. Click on the Link  from Google Classroom to join the live lecture
    4. To enter the voice channel, click on “Lecture.” Please keep in mind, this platform will automatically detect if you have a microphone. You can mute yourself on the bottom left, next to your name.
    5. To see the lecture screen, hover your mouse over your instructor’s name where it says “LIVE” and click onto the shared screen.
    6. You can also type into the chat to communicate with your instructor and ask questions.
    7. When you are finished listening to lecture, please click the disconnect icon on the bottom left hand side next to “voice connected.”we

Attendance - ESL Classes

Your class attendance is recorded using two methods, a paper sign in/out and a digital sign in/sign out. For online classes, you will have to sign in on SurveyMonkey. The link will be posted in your Google Classroom.



You must maintain a 90% attendance rate throughout your classes. If your attendance falls below 90%, you will be contacted by the Academic Department with an attendance warning.