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The link below links to the CD with the files shown in the chapters. Feel free to access the folder and download the files you want to study on your own.

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CAC 140 Advance Excel

Please create a new folder for your Excel 2 assignments.  Use the following naming structure:


2019 CAC 140 ADV Excel LastName



Please share with:

Data for Example 1

Hire DateFirst NameLast NameSalary ScaleStarting Salary


Class Schedule

Class Dates:

July 2, 9, 16, 18, 23, 25, 26 (Midterm),  30

August 1, 6, 8, 9 (Final)


CAC 120: Excel for Accounting

Data for Example 3

Item NumberCategoryItemPrice
GS-1FruitApples $       1.00
GS-2FruitOrange $       2.00
GS-3FruitPear $       3.00
GS-4FruitMango $       4.00
GS-5DairyMilk $       5.00
GS-6DairyYogurt $       6.00
GS-7DairyCheese $       7.00
GS-8MeatChicken $       8.00
GS-9MeatBeef $       9.00
GS-10VegetablesLeek $    10.00
GS-11VegetablesTomato $    11.00
GS-12VegetablesCarrot $    12.00
GS-13VegetablesPotato $    13.00

Data for Example 2


Onedrive Files as of 7.25.2019

2019 CAC120 LastName

  1. 7.2.19 (Folder)
    1. Exercise 1 Calendar
  2. 7.9.19 (Folder)
    1. Exercise 2 Questionnaire
    2. Exercise 3 Analysis
  3. 7.16.19 (Folder)
    1. EL1-C1-P2-FillCells.xlsx
    2. EL1-C1-P3-MoExps
    3. EL1-C2-P1-HCReports
    4. EL1-C2-P2-DWTests
  4. 7.18.19 (Folder)
    1. EL1-C2-VB-Formulas
    2. EL1-C2-CS-AASFebSales
    3. EL1-C2-CS-AASFebCommissions
  5. 7.23.19 (Folder)
    1. EL1-C4-VB-HERExpress
    2. Exercise 4 Analysis II
  6. 7.25.2019
    1. Visual Benchmark P.94 (EL1-C3-VB-BTBookings)

DATA for Example

Customer 1CA10001020
Customer 2FL2502030
Customer 3NV3503025
Customer 4CA5004030
Customer 5FL8005055
Customer 6CO9506060
Customer 7NY15001048
Customer 8CA10002050
Customer 9CA1003020
Customer 10OR504025

Onedrive Folder Name

Create a OneDrive folder called “2019 CAC 120 Excel LastName”

Share your folder with



The exercise below will be practice for you to use the count formulas, including determining percentages.



Academic Integrity

Academic integrity will be taken seriously.  This includes the avoidance of cheating or plagiarism; maintenance of academic standards; honesty and rigor in submitted work.

Excel files are tagged with metadata that allow me to see who made a file, when it was made and on what computer it was made. There are instances where you are allowed to work with a partner; this does not mean copy files.

We will take advantage of all the features an outlook account gives you including:

  •  Access to Office Suite Online: You have access to an online version of the Office Suite including all the programs we will cover in class. The online versions does not contain all the features in the local version but the most important features are present.
  • OneDrive: Your outlook account comes with online storage. We will take advantage of this by sharing files with each other as well as with me. The majority of your projects will be submitted electronically, no hard copies will ever be accepted unless they are requested.

Assignment Submission

All assignments given in class are due by the 5:00PM of the following class. Any late assignment will be receive a 10% late penalty. I.e. the highest grade for a perfect assignment will be 90%.


The first 30 minutes of class will be treated as in class work time for you to catch up on projects.