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The link below links to the CD with the files shown in the chapters. Feel free to access the folder and download the files you want to study on your own.

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Lecture link 3/26/2020

Presentations start at 8:00 pm.

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Final Presentation Samples

Final Presentation

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Objective: To design a slide presentation highlighting your small business that will given to potential investors.

Prompt: You have been chosen to present to a group of potential investors. You will give a 6-8 minute sales pitch, you are looking to get the audience to invest in your company. You will highlighting a clear goal for your small business. You may also present a startup.



1. 6-8 minute presentation.

2. You may not use ANY of the default themes nor any downloaded theme.

3. Your presentation must have a uniform appearance.

4. You can use as many slides as you want.

5. All slides must have transitions.

6. All your slides must use animations.

7. You must incorporate a video or music into your presentation.


Questions: Below are points you must address in your presentation.

1. Brief introduction to your small business.

a. Who are you?

b. What is your role at the company?

c. Why are you here? (how much you money are you raising?)

d. How long have you been in business?

2. Obstacles.

a. What is a problem the investment is supposed to address?

b. What barriers exist?

c. Who is our competition?

3. Solution.

a. How are you prepared to push your company forward?

b. How will the investment be put to use? What will the investment help you accomplish?

4. Customer.

a. Who are your customers?

b. How are you reaching them?

c. What are you doing to expand your base?

5. Summary

a. Recap the service you provide with your small business or will provide with your start up.

b. How much money are you asking for?

c. How will the money be used?

d. How will success look like?

6. You must add notes to every slide. The notes should be quick points.



Small Business ideas:

1. Restaurant

2. Printing Company

3. Music Academy

4. Art School

5. Financial Analyst

6. Web Advertising

7. Web Developer

8. Silkscreen Studio

9. Home Cleaning

10. Personal Trainer

11. Dog Grooming

Keep the design of the document in mind. Create a user friendly document.


Submit: Once you are complete with the assignment save your document as a powerpoint file. Save with the following name:


Final Business Card

Link to file. 

Objective: To design the materials for a potential business venture. 

 As part of your final project you need to create a US size business card to hand out to the potential investors you will be presenting to.  



  1. Design a logo for your business, you can use vector (silhouettes) images obtained from online. Only use png’s.
    Must include:

  1. Address: 3325 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90010 

  1. Phone: (213) 384-2318 

  1. URL: 

  1. Your business palette. 

  1. You only need to create one card, no need to tile. 

Keep the design of the document in mind. Create a user friendly document. 


Submit: Once you are complete with the assignment save your document as a powerpoint file. Save with the following name: FINAL_Business Card 

Lecture link 3/24/2020

Please make sure your files are uploaded on the onedrive by that time. We will continue our presentation from last week. I will also share with you your assigment for the final.

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Hello class, welcome to our new online course for the remaining of our section. Tonight I will be helping you complete your powerpoint presentation for next Tuesday and to complete your brochure which is the second part of your Midterm. This will allow me to help you complete your project.

Use the link below so that you are live with me. I will answer your questions. You need to submit your projects to get attendance credit for tonight’s class.

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MIDTERM II Brochure Samples

Below are samples of previous brochures done by students. Please remember that your brochure will need to be printed.  Take this into consideration when designing your project.

MIDTERM Presentation

Below is the city that you will be presenting





 Maroon 5


 Mariah Carey


 Frank Sinatra


 Lea Salonga



Cat (?)


Presenter Evaluation

Please use the form below to evaluate the presenter.

Exercise 2 - Assigned City

Below is the city that you will be presenting















Digital Sign-In/Out

Listen to instructors sign in color and sign-out phrase. You must sign-in and out or you will be counted absent.

Class Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire below, so that I can learn a little about you and so that I can share your onedrive folder with you.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity will be taken seriously.  This includes the avoidance of cheating or plagiarism; maintenance of academic standards; honesty and rigor in submitted work.

Excel files are tagged with metadata that allow me to see who made a file, when it was made and on what computer it was made. There are instances where you are allowed to work with a partner; this does not mean copy files.

We will take advantage of all the features an outlook account gives you including:

  •  Access to Office Suite Online: You have access to an online version of the Office Suite including all the programs we will cover in class. The online versions does not contain all the features in the local version but the most important features are present.
  • OneDrive: Your outlook account comes with online storage. We will take advantage of this by sharing files with each other as well as with me. The majority of your projects will be submitted electronically, no hard copies will ever be accepted unless they are requested.

Assignment Submission

All assignments given in class are due by the 5:00PM of the following class. Any late assignment will be receive a 10% late penalty. I.e. the highest grade for a perfect assignment will be 90%.


The first 15 minutes of class will be treated as in class work time for you to catch up on projects.


Lecture will start at 6:45 pm.