Accounting, Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS)

Program Duration – 2 years | 1140 Clock Hours

Our Academic Director/ Controller is an active CPA with over 40 years’ experience. He recognized the need for an accounting program focused on applied skills to prepare students for a successful career in the field. 

Our intensive degree program in accounting provides a fundamental understanding of accounting principles and practices and how to utilize computer applications to perform accounting tasks. This program provides working knowledge and the skills to perform accounting tasks at different stages of a complete accounting cycle. Students compare and contrast different types of business entities and learn how to treat them differently, prepare various payroll and income tax returns, and effectively utilize computer applications to carry out accounting duties. Students learn various accounting and tax software.

Admission Requirements

Admission to LAPC requires an individual commitment to professional and educational goals and objectives. The applicant is admitted as a regular student provided the applicant:



  •  Is at least 18 years old;
  • Has a High School Diploma or its equivalent (GED, college transcript, college diploma, Notice of Intent to Transfer from the last school attended, etc.);
  • Passes an admission test with no less than the minimum score as established in the test publisher’s guidelines;
  • Passes with a Score of 28 or higher on the Scholastic Level ExamTM (SLE);
  • Demonstrates a desire to pursue a career in the field of study;
  • Conducts a personal interview with the Academic Director, as needed;
  • (International Students) Minimum TOEFL® score of 450 for TOEFL PBT, or 45 for TOEFL iBT, or a minimum Cambridge Michigan English Exam score of 54; unless the country of origin uses English as the language of instruction.


Prospective students are welcome to take a tour of the school and its facility. They also have the opportunity to observe and attend classes of their interest before enrollment, provided that prior arrangements have been made with the admissions office.



Each applicant accepted to our programs will complete a request for transcript form that will be sent to their secondary institution or sign a statement that they have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED).

 Course LecLabUnits
Semester I

15 Units
165 Lec Hours
120 Lab Hours

ACT 100 Principles of Accounting I40404
ACT 120 Payroll Accounting20202
CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Business Applications30303
GEN 100 Principles of Microeconomics4503
GEN 120 Mathematics for Business and Consumers30303
Semester II

15 Units
165 Lec Hours
120 Lab Hours
GEN 140 English Writing4503
ACT 140 Principles of Accounting II40404
CAC 120 Excel for Accounting40404
CAC 160 QuickBooks40404
Semester III

15 Units
165 Lec Hours
120 Lab Hours
GEN 160 Grammar Review4503
CAC 140 Advanced Excel for Accounting40404
ACT 180 Intermediate Accounting40404
ACT 160 Individual Income Taxes40404
Semester IV

15 Units
165 Lec Hours
120 Lab Hours
ACT 200 Cost Accounting40404
ACT 220 Intermediate Accounting II40404
CAC 180 Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, &Trusts40404
GEN 180 Introduction to Psychology4503

Total Clock Hours: 1140

Prospective Students Under 18

The State of California Department of Education requires students under the age of 18 to attend secondary school unless the 16- or 17-year old has completed high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE). On a case-by-case basis, applicants under 18 years of age who meet the aforementioned CHSPE  requirement may enroll with their legal guardian’s permission.

Start of Program

The program must have at least ten students enrolled to start, or it can start at the Academic Director’s discretion.

Individual Considerations

Since individual backgrounds vary greatly, applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Admissions Counselor meets with each applicant to determine whether the applicant possesses the necessary motivation and ability to benefit from the proposed program of study and to verify that all admissions requirements have been met.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Los Angeles Pacific College does not discriminate in admissions, counseling, training, placement, employment, or any activity on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin or heritage, religious, philosophical, or political tenets, nor upon any handicap or medical condition. All applicants are interviewed and evaluated on the basis of their ability to be trained in their intended field of study.

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