Career Services

Career Development Program

Los Angeles Pacific College provides a Career Development Program to all of its students and graduates.

Funded Programs

The program helps students to:

  • Know and capitalize on their marketable skills;
  • Become familiar with the needs of industry;
  • Become fully aware of their potential;
  • Realize the results of their efforts.

Job Placement Services

LAPC provides job placement assistance to all its graduates, though there is no guarantee or promise of employment. Graduates may take advantage of placement assistance services provided that all job placement seminars have been attended and all placement assistance guidelines have been observed.

LAPC provides assistance with job applications, resume writing, job-search strategies and interviewing techniques. Graduates must be legally eligible to accept employment if they are not a U.S. citizen or resident alien. Documents attesting to this fact include a Green Card, Work Authorization, or a letter from the USCIS showing a valid “A” number.

Students requiring additional assistance have access to a placement counselor for personal guidance. LAPC is dedicated to assisting its graduates in every way possible to secure employment for them.