Student Services



Los Angeles Pacific College encourages students to discuss any problems that interfere with their education with the Academic or Student Services Director.  Assistance is also available for students intending to obtain admittance to a four-year college.


LAPC strives to provide valuable advice regarding U.S. visa and immigration procedures for international students. If we are unable to provide advice, or the topic is outside our area of expertise, students are advised to consult the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.


If there are financial difficulties, assistance can be secured by speaking to the Academic or Student Services Director.

Student ID

Student ID Cards are issued to students during the first week of each semester for new students. Students can either take the photo at the school or bring their own recent passport standard photograph. All LAPC students must have student ID cards in order to use the school’s library facilities. The ID card remains the property of LAPC, is governed by the school’s regulations, and expires when the holder is no longer affiliated with the college.


A tutorial program is available to students who seek additional assistance or practical experience. A student may have tutoring from his/her instructor during regular sessions by making arrangements with the instructor.

Handicapped Facilities

LAPC provides certain facilities that are accessible to physically disabled students. Applicants with a physical disability are invited to visit the school to determine if the facilities meet their requirements.