Additional Services


Health Insurance

At this time, LAPC does not offer health insurance to our students; however, the Student Services Director is designated as a resource for providing contact information for insurance agencies and brokers. LAPC highly recommends that students purchase health insurance for the duration of their studies at LAPC, as students are fully responsible for their own medical expenses. The cost of health insurance will vary among insurance providers depending on the student’s age, health conditions, and coverage needs.


Housing Arrangements

LAPC does not have housing facilities for students, and bears no responsibility to find or assist the students in finding housing. However, we offer housing arrangement services for international students and non-LA residents while studying at LAPC.

We assure secure, affordable and reliable arrangements including carefully selected homestays, as well as safe and convenient apartments near the school. Homestay families are carefully screened and matched with students, and orientation materials are distributed to promote a smooth and productive relationship.



If there are any problems that arise, the Student Services Director will assist in finding a solution. The student is provided with an emergency contact number if any unforeseen issues arise.


Based on and the average housing cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in the campus area is in the range of $1,200 – $1,600 per month.



Regular bus and Metro link services offering multiple connections are available within a one block radius of the school. MTA riders are eligible for a student discount by presenting their LAPC student ID and proof of enrollment. For more information, call MTA/Metro Lines at (800) 266- 6883 or visit Metro website.