Computerized Accounting Online Classes

Accessing your online course

Google Classroom

We will be using Google Classroom to post your Excel Assignments. You will be able to post questions on the classroom stream which then a classmate or I, will be able to answer. 

Please see the following instructions below on how to access your online course:


You will need to use a gmail account to log into Google Classroom. If you do not have a gmail account, you will need to create one!

  1. Log in to your gmail account
  2. Please click on the link here:
  3. On the top right hand corner there is a “+” sign. Click on it and enter your classroom code to join your class. Your classroom code is emailed to you, so please check your email.

Below is an example of a classroom board.  Any announcements will be made by your instructor on the classroom board called “Stream.” We ask that you familiarize yourself with the platform on the first day. The link to your online lecture will be posted on the stream.