Run your business with confidence

Our no-cost training program is designed to help small business owners like you. 


Our program is funded by the state of California. We are one of the few schools to offer this resource to small business owners. 

Program Qualifications

  • Registered business with the Employment Development Center (EDD)
  • Business must have at least one and no more than 10 full-time employees on payroll
  • Must have California Tax Account Number (xxx-xxxx-x)
  • E-2 Visas are eligible
  • Non-profit organizations and 1099 are not eligible for this program.

Once you have registered your business with the EDD, you will be issued an eight-digit employer payroll tax account number (example: 000-0000-0), also known as a State Employer Identification Number, SEIN, or state ID number. Your employer payroll tax account number is required for all EDD interactions to ensure your account is accurate.

You must provide your employer payroll tax account number when filing returns and making deposits in all electronic and paper filings. If an agent, bank, or payroll service prepares your return they must also include your employer payroll tax account number when filing on your behalf.

Do your own bookkeeping.

Pay all your bills on time, process payroll on your own, and keep your inventory in check, using QuickBooks. You can also prepare  financial statements consisting of the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow. 

Plan for your retirement.

Setting up a good retirement plan results in tax savings and ensures a comfortable retirement for the future.

Stay Informed.

Understand your business performance to make management decisions with confidence.


Attract more customers.

Build your online presence for your business to increase your sales, engage with customers, and strengthen your brand image.

No cost tuition

This program is funded by the state, so there are no program tuition fees.

Books and teaching materials will be under $100. 

Over 500 businesses helped

We have served the community for over 16 years. We have helped over 500 business owners and have worked with a variety of businesses.

What you'll learn

Learn how Search Engine Optimization and social media can help your business and also learn how to build/improve your website.

Using QuickBooks for your business?
We’ll teach you all the features that you haven’t been using.
New to QuickBooks? 
We’ll teach you everything you need to use in making your business operations run efficiently and smoothly.

What our former students have said about our program and instructors.

Our priority is to help business owners become informed about their finances.​

Sign up for our program and receive the training you need to operate your business more efficiently.

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