Course Descriptions

All instruction at LAPC will be conducted in English.

English as a Second Language

ESL 1 Beginning Level (16 Units)

Prerequisite: None.

In this course, students learn and apply basic sentence structure and grammar rules, practice speaking and writing in complete sentences; and practice listening and reading skills by listening to and reading short passages. Students learn to understand the main idea of a reading passage, preview and predict information, and summarize a reading passage using a concept map. Students write sentences about daily life, the future and other topics. They brainstorm ideas after watching a video passage. Story book and videos are used to teach American culture. 


ESL 2 High Beginning Level (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 1 or equivalent.

In this course, students study simple present, simple past and simple future verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs, comparatives and superlatives and modals. They write sentences using infinitives of purpose and coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) and hone their communicative skills by listening to and discussing material from readings, listening activities and videos. They learn note taking skills while listening, practice guessing meaning of new vocabulary from context and using vocabulary to complete definitions and sentences. Students interpret text and visuals, write summaries and conduct surveys. Students are able to brainstorm ideas, view videos for main ideas and key details and synthesize information.  


ESL 3 Intermediate Level  (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 2 or equivalent.

In this course, students use simple present, present progressive, simple past, past progressive, present perfect, present perfect progressive and simple future verb tenses.  Students are able to relate their own experiences to the readings and make basic inferences. Students also free-write and use new vocabulary in sentences. They write opinions in response to a reading, personal letters and short paragraphs on cultural and other personal experiences. Students learn to introduce themselves to someone new and provide personal information by responding to questions and discuss known topics. Various cultural topics are discussed with an emphasis on adapting to American culture using idioms and slang. Students use websites, online blogs, magazines, short videos and audio clips as supplemental materials.


ESL 4 High Intermediate Level (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 3 or equivalent.

In this course, students learn and apply all 12 verb tenses. Various cultural topics are discussed, and students develop their analytical and critical thinking abilities and express ideas through speaking and writing. The students use new vocabulary in sentences, free-write on various topics, write personal letters and 2-paragraph opinions in response to a reading. They discuss and write about cultural or other personal experiences, create a short PowerPoint and give a presentation about a school field trip. Students use newspaper articles, websites, online blogs, magazines, video and audio clips as supplemental materials.


ESL 5 Advanced Level (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 4 or equivalent.

In this course, students continue to apply grammar rules using, past, present and future tenses in their speaking reading and writing. Their English comprehension advances to be able to synthesize information from advanced writing and listening passages. They hone formal writing skills through essay writing with an emphasis on peer feedback and self-editing and refine communication skills through class discussion and debate. Students research and give presentations, graded by an oral presentation rubric, emphasizing verbal and nonverbal skills such as eye contact, poise, volume control and organization of content. Students become more autonomous in learning. Various activities and materials such as games, role play, experimental learning, newspapers and internet resources are used.


ESL 6 High Advanced Level (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 5 or equivalent.

In this course, students solidify grammar rules and consistently apply these grammar rules in their writing, speaking and oral presentations.  The four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are integrated in order to refine the students’ communication skills. Students read, write and comprehend various types of clauses and complex sentences.  The students write standard academic-level 5-paragraph essays providing distinct introductory, supporting and conclusion paragraphs that address the topic in full with a variety of sentence structures. In addition, students prepare informal writing assignments, such as blog posts from field trips or journal entries and also create a PowerPoint and give a presentation about various topics. Various contemporary conversational and cultural topics are covered with a focus on American culture.


ESL Specialty Course

TOEFL IBT (16 Units)

TOEFL PBT (16 Units)

Prerequisite: ESL 6 or equivalent.

LAPC offers two specialty TOEFL courses, one specializing in the internet-based test (iBT) and the other in the paper-based (PBT) test. Both TOEFL courses build the foundation and introduce the student to test-taking techniques such as notetaking for advanced listening and reading passages. Grammar is taught through the editing process of their writing. Vocabulary lists are thoroughly reviewed and studied to enhance their academic diction and prepare students to achieve the best possible score for the TOEFL.

Students practice test-taking strategies in a step-by-step manner to help them master the skills necessary to improve their TOEFL score and ultimately for success in an academic setting. Tactics incorporate a communicative approach of conversation and presentation-skills along with plenty of written practice. By the end of the TOEFL course, students will become familiar with the format and directions of the test and develop strategies for using their time wisely during the test.